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The mission of the Tennessee Valley Corridor

is to sustain existing federal missions, compete for new federal investments and leverage
these investments to grow more private sector job opportunities.

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Top Ten Reasons TVC is One of America's Top Ten Technology Hot Spots

  • 1. Institutions that Collaborate

    Major research universities, the nation's only multi-purpose national science laboratory, a major DOE national security complex and NASA space flight center, plus booming DoD research & engineering installations — all working together to solve problems and grow new business opportunities.
  • 2. Brainpower at Work

    The South's highest concentrations of scientists, engineers and PhDs — ready to turn scientific knowledge into technological solutions — in a region that first gained fame on such historic projects as Manhattan and Apollo.
  • 3. World-Class Innovation

    An international leader in research, innovation and scientific application — in advanced manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, energy, environment, homeland security, med-tech, nanotech, national security, supercomputing, transportation and so much more.
  • 4. Technology-Driven Talent

    an educated and available workforce — groomed with a strong regional work ethic — from more than 50 local Corridor colleges and universities — and attracted from all around the world.
  • 5. National Leadership Through Regional Cooperation

    smart, savvy federal leaders — teamed with pro-business state and local governments — working together to attract and deploy billions in research funds to meet national needs and advance regional success.
  • 6. Lower Business Costs

    a right-to-work region with one of the lowest-tax burdens in the nation — affordable utilities through TVA — and a series of SmartParks designed with technology support systems — to help businesses turn a profit, succeed and expand.
  • 7. Putting Ideas to Work

    a place where entrepreneurs can turn ideas into products with the help and support of regional tech transfer, business incubation and venture capital support.
  • 8. Affordable Family Living

    lower housing costs, lower personal tax burdens, easier commutes, comparable schools — all with the same great amenities and opportunities as the nation's other top technology hot spots.
  • 9. Work and Play

    attract the talent of tomorrow in a region with four distinct seasons — the nation's most visited national park — and enough music, lakes, mountains, museums, whitewater, food and hospitality to stay constantly energized and entertained.
  • 10. Location. Location. Location.

    check out the Tennessee Valley Corridor — a technology-rich oasis in the heart of the nation's fastest-growing business region — close to all of the materials, markets and brainpower needed for tomorrow's business success.


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